Albemarle Kart Club Association participates in an insurance program that is secured through a very simple system of pit passes. All drivers and crewmembers purchase these passes. All pit passes entitle the purchaser, regardless of his function, to the insurance program benefits. This pass serves as the waiver and release of liability.

PIT PASSES ARE MANDATORY for all persons entering the pit area, regardless of their function. ARMBANDS MUST BE SECURELY WORN ON WRIST AND DISPLAYED UPON REQUEST .

Any A.K.C.A member in good standing may reserve a pit space for a yearly fee of $100.00 for inside and $75.00 outside with $25.00 deducted max for attending a workday, limited to 12 feet wide and limited to 1(one) space. Pit spaces will be issued a card for their space; no vehicle
will be allowed to occupy a reserved space without a card. A member who is suspended or is not otherwise a member in good standing will lose their reserved space. The pit space fee is non-refundable and will not be prorated for a partial year. Unreserved pits are available on a
first come/first serve basis. Only vehicles carrying kart equipment are allowed in the pits. Members who have multiple karts and have a need for more than one pit space may request an additional space. If space is available your request may be approved but may require you to move to another space.

Anyone found in the pit area without a Pit Pass will cause the driver they are seeing to loose their points for that event.

Racer Fees
Member Race Registration..................$20.00
Non-Member Race Registration..........$30.00
Additional Class
(must be same driver) .......$15.00


Home of the A.K.C.A. - Experience the Oval

Dues must be paid by the first race. If a member fails to pay his/her dues by this date, they must rejoin A.K.C.A. at the new member rate. Officers of the Albemarle Kart Club Association will receive a Complimentary membership pass for their year of service.

You do not have to be an A.K.C.A. Member to race at Albemarle Speedway.

***Become a member and save every race***
New Member.................................$50.00
Membership Renewal....................$40.00
Reserved Parking Space................$75.00 Outside / $100.00 Inside (see rulebook for more info)